Q: How much will it cost to find my property corners?

Well, that all depends on the size of the property, the age of the legal description, the number of adjoiners, ground cover and many other things. A boundary survey is an investigation of facts and it does take a lot of time to gather all of the facts. The easiest of all surveys will take 20 man-hours to complete. Assuming a rate of $35 per man-hour a minimum rate would be $700. But, when you think about it your mechanic is going to charge you around $60 per hour to work on your car and he doesn't have any liability. A surveyor will generally have liability attached to his survey for his lifetime. Why would a surveyor only charge $35 per man-hour and assume a lifetime of liability? Comparatively, surveying is a bargain!

Q: I have my Deed and it has all of the calls listed, why can’t you just run that bearing and go that distance and set my corner?

It isn’t that easy. The bearings and distances shown on your Deed are simply a ‘pointer’ to the corner location. Courts have set priorities to the order of importance for evidence and courses and distances are near the bottom. Much more goes into determining a corner location than simply the bearing and distance specified.

Q: Do you work on Saturdays?

No not normally, but if that is what it takes to do the job, we''ll do it.

Q: Are you taking my picture with that thing on the tripod?

We get asked this question a lot. No we are not taking pictures with that thing on the tripod. It is an instrument used to measure angles and distances.

Q: Do I have to go to school to become a land surveyor?

To become a Licensed Professional, most states have adopted a degree requirement. The requirement varies between states but at least an Associates Degree is recommended.

Q: Do surveyors us the same GPS I use when I go hiking?

Not typically. Although they both use the same satellites and the same principles. Survey grade GPS is highly accurate to centimeter or subcentimeter accuracies. Your hiking GPS is generally in the 10’+ range.

Q: How do you survey underground?

Basically the same as we do on the surface. The primary difference is that we must illuminate the sights in order to see them. Also, there are significant hazardous features that we must be aware of and safety equipment that we must wear.

Q: Is there a lot of math involved in surveying?

Yes. Although today most is done by computer, it is invaluable to know how to apply the formulas by hand.

Q: How much money does a surveyor make?

Not enough. When you select this career path you must truly enjoy the outdoors because you can make more money doing a lot of other professions.