About Us

The name “The Professional Surveying Group” is a fictitious name selected to denote two related companies: Advanced Land Services, Inc. and Mine Surveying, Inc.

Initially formed by Kenneth L. Moran, P.S., in 1992 under the corporate veil of Professional Surveying & Mapping, Inc. we were located in Preston County, Kingwood, West Virginia at 119 South Price Street and employed three people. 1997 saw us relocate into our own building about 3.5 miles west of Kingwood at 16260 Veterans Memorial Highway.

In 2002 Professional Surveying & Mapping, Inc. split into two divisions – Advanced Land Services, Inc., which provides all related services on the surface of the earth; and Mine Surveying, Inc., which provides only related field services beneath the surface of the earth.

Today we employ 14 people, two of whom are Licensed Professional Surveyors serving primarily West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Capable of operating four field crews, we maintain a fleet of seven vehicles, three ATV’s, a 34’ fifth wheel camper and a 14’ boat.