Boundary surveying can be divided into four categories:

1. Retracement Surveys: These types of surveys are but an identification of the remaining evidence created by the original survey and the placing of lost corners in accordance with the proper rules of boundary surveying. Any lost corners are open to collateral attack by other surveyors and the courts.

2. Original Surveys: This type of survey means a survey called for, or presumed to have been made, at the time a parcel or parcels were/are created. The location of the survey as set on the ground is legally correct, regardless of any errors that were made in the original measurements or calculations. (i.e. Subdivisions, Lot Splits or Partitions)

3. A survey of possession lines

4. Mortgage or Loan Inspection Survey: This type of survey is typically done at the request of a lender prior to a real estate transaction. The survey will show structures, utilities and other items of interest to the lender in relation to the expected boundary location. BE AWARE! This type of survey IS NOT a boundary survey and IS NOT defensible in court. A written notice must be signed by the Client stating that they have been informed that an inspection was performed and not a boundary survey.